Thursday, October 8, 2009

CLASS: Enchanted Pumpkin Fairy Houses

On Saturday October 24, Lisa Spencer, the artist responsible for the wonderful watercolors at Nest Feathers, has a special treat for us. She'll be conducting an adventure into the Realm of Faerie for you and your "Inner Sprite". Here's how she explains the class...

Play is Very important for grown ups! My goal with this workshop is to reintroduce you to some of the magic of childhood, now that you are old enough to do exactly as you please.

Although real Fairy houses are probably made out of mostly natural materials, these are not your usual fairy houses. They are created from recycled objects, like the bits found in your everything drawer, the toys children no longer play with, scraps of fabric, ribbon, and lace, silk flowers, little pictures from catalogues and magazines, old jewelry (like that one earring you just can't throw away), a key, tag sale treasures, and oh-so-much more!

Ask your "Wee One" what a 2-3'' tall fairy would like to have in their home. What colors, what textures, what theme? Make notes, and collect what inspires you.

When thinking of themes, you might want to know that one of Lisa's is titled "Maven's Shoe Haven" and the Fairy who lives there has collected all kinds of shoe figurines, doll shoes, shoe pictures, and even sleeps in a shoe! Very glamorous, in a miniature Imelda sort of a way. I plan to make a Gypsy wagon, a bit like Cinderella's carriage, but fitted out for Gypsy Fairy escapades. Remember that not everything has to be miniature...a teacup bathtub, a velvet coin purse turned sleeping bag...

Don't worry about bringing a lot of stuff, unless you really want to. You will be provided with a precarved funkin, in your choice of orange or ivory, with the interior already painted a pale gold, so it's ready to embellish. There will be collections of the above mentioned items for you to choose from to decorate and embellish your abode.

In a few hours, you will have created your unique home for the inner sprite in your life. Your indoor Fairy house will bring a reminder to always make a space for play in your day.

Class is from 11-2, on Saturday the 24th. You may stay longer to finish your project, if you wish. Cost: $20 Instruction, $25 Materials Fee. Pre-registration with $20 deposit is required to hold your space, as class size is limited. Make check payable to Lisa Spencer, but mail it to Dawn-Marie Quinche, 128 W. Main Street, Belle Plaine, MN 56011. You can call me with questions at (952)873-4493.

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