Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Edition

Wow, time flies! Next week is the first of our two October Thursday-weekends. We have lots of new things...stacked glass candle sticks, lettered mirrors, handmade Halloween decor, and whatever else shows up between now and then. Sherry has some "new" vintage finds, and Marci, who donates ALL her proceeds to Oasis Bird Sanctuary, says she's been working on boxes. Not sure exactly what she's up to, but the last ones I saw were magical little mixed media pieces.

Speaking of magic and mixed media, be sure to scroll down to the next two entries. I was having trouble getting all the pictures to post, so I did a separate entry for each of our "departments". We have a fun little make-&-take, and a really magical class on Saturday the 24th. As always, we will treat you to some lovely home baked nibble, with the recipe there for the taking. You are welcome to stop at Duets (four doors down) for coffee on the way, and bring it in with you.

As it's October, remember that there is Emma Krumbee's Pumpkin Festival going on, Minnesota Harvest has u-pick apples (and more), and Jim's Apple Barn, right on the highway has apples, fresh baked pies, and jillions of other gourmet goodies. If you haven't bought your pumpkins yet, may I recommend the pumpkin wagon, parked on Main Street, just down from Annie's Cafe? Choose your pumpkin, then drop your money in the milk can...very Norman Rockwell.
As far as I know, the Carver and Chaska shops are open the 22-24th this month, so if you are planning to make the circuit, the second weekend may be best for you. Of course, that means you might miss out on the best bargains here...
See ya!

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