Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Afternoons

Sherry is on her way over to help set this month's sale, so we'll have all the updated info posted on here by the end of the day tomorrow. For now, check out our youngest artist at Nest Feathers.
Jensen comes for private art lessons on alternate Saturdays. We sample all different kinds of art, with a focus on things she might not do at school, or at home with Mom. When I teach older students, we work on learning to see, often using Betty Edwards text, drawing on the right side of the brain. It's a little looser with Jensen, since she's six, and her attention span isn't quite that long. Still, we try working from pictures or looking at real life things, to notice size, color, texture, and shape.

This is her polymer clay sculpture of McKinley, my best friend, an Alaskan Malemute. I think she did an amazing job of capturing the pose, and the details of the face. She also learned some claying techniques, like using a foil armature, instead of solid clay for more even baking. She's still working on remembering that word, but she's got the technique down pat.

Today we gave realism a rest and painted with Peebeo ceramic paints on tiles. We mixed dozens of colors, and created quite a few tiles that will make fine coasters. Perhaps those will post on here one day. Jensen doesn't yet sell her work, but we'll keep you posted when she makes the transition from showing to selling. Check back here tomorrow for details on this month's sale!

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